Legalism. Is it such a bad thing?

Legalism is a term used by the world of Christendom, to define someone who believes that following the Law of Yehovah is important. The Christian church teaches that legalism is a very bad thing and that we should live by “grace” instead. I find it interesting that, according to the Webster’s Dictionary website, Legalism was first used in 1928. It’s also interesting that abiding by Law of any kind used to be a good thing, but has progressively been turned into a bad thing. Why is it that someone who abides by the speed limit is a good, “law abiding” citizen, but someone who wants to follow the instructions of Yehovah is labeled “Legalistic”. Is legalism such a bad thing? I mean, the word literally means to, at all costs, abide by Law. When did law become a bad thing? I think everyone would agree that, legalistically abiding by the Law of Gravity is a good thing! I guess some might believe that you are in bondage, deny that Law, and jump off the highest cliff in town. But, what would that give them? Freedom? I think not! It would most definitely bring DEATH! Maybe Law is given so that we are protected from the things that can harm us. Driving according to traffic laws is the safest thing to do on the road. If everyone would abide by those laws, we would have WAY LESS ACCIDENTS. Where did this term, “Legalism” come from anyway? Maybe it was a plea from those who don’t want to live by instruction, to deceive the masses into following them off the cliff? I’m pretty confident that if most people hadn’t been trained to believe following instruction is a bad thing, they would MOST DEFINITELY follow! Maybe it’s time to start looking into the scriptures to find out what Yehovah is telling us to do. We might just find, that being protected by Law is a good thing after all!


Martha, Martha…

Luke 10:41-42

My journey to His provision of rest began with the Spirit leading me to desire to mediate on the above verses about Mary and Martha. I actually took the time to paint them above my kitchen sink. So, every time I looked or walked into the kitchen, these are the word that I saw (and still do! 🙂 ) “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered by so many things, but only one thing is necessary, Mary has chosen the good part and it will not be taken away from her.” One day the Spirit revealed to me that these verses are actually a promise from the Father. I was thinking, “How are they a promise?” I guess you could say every Word of the Father is a promise because His Words are eternal.. But, what He showed me was that according to Yeshua’s statement in these verses we can CHOOSE to live in His rest and He will NEVER TAKE AWAY OUR TRUE REST. So, IF WE ARE NOT WALKING IN HIS REST WE HAVE CHOSEN TO GIVE IT AWAY. He said He would NOT take away the good part that Mary had. The good part is the rest that she had sitting at the Shepard’s feet, seeking first His kingdom instead of worrying and bothering herself with many things like her sister Martha. And if you think about it, Martha’s busyness was literally trying to steal Mary’s rest! But as long as Mary chose to abide with Yeshua and listen to His Words, Yeshua was not going to take the gift of rest away from her. This was huge for me, because I did not walk in spiritual rest much at all at the time. We are trained to be so busy and distracted by a million lesser things, that truly walking in His rest is nearly a foreign concept, much less something that we know how to do even in the slightest. Resting in Him is usually considered only a spiritual thing that never seems to make it to the physical aspects of our day to day lives. As women, it is hard as well because we can easily take on too much. I had a friend who would say she was so busy and tired all the time, but instead of weeding out unnecessary tasks and responsibilities she would say, “ I don’t ask God to take things off my plate, I just ask Him for a bigger plate!” To me that does not sound like a good prayer. If you think about it, everyone in the whole world, and everyone who has ever lived, has all had the same amount of time in a day. Mary had the same amount of time in a day as Martha did. And Mary had the same amount of time in a day that you and I have. What is our priority? Is it to do a bunch of things that in the end won’t really matter? Or is it to know Him and walk through this life in the rest that He so longs for us to have? I asked Abba to help me to be like Mary, and not like Martha, to truly seek Him first above all others, and all other things of the earth. This is the revelation that kick started my journey to finding rest in His Word, His Shelter.

Why do “bad things” happen?

Sabbath-SundayPeople have always been perplexed as to why a “Good God” would allow bad things to happen. In my studies for the past 2 years, I have realized that the things that happen on this planet are a direct result of our actions and NOT His! He gave us very clear instruction, and made it even more clear, that if we choose to not follow His instruction, bad things would happen! Today we live in a society where people live their lives however they want. The religious institutions are leading the way, by teaching people truth is relative to our conviction! Scripture very plainly says, “If you obey, you will be blessed. If you disobey, you will be cursed.” How long will it take people to realize that following His ways brings life, and denying them brings death! This promise is evident in Yeshua’s life! He followed, perfectly, the statutes of Yehovah, even unto “death”! But what did He receive? Resurrection LIFE! His Torah brings LIFE! When we receive the testimony of Yeshua, and walk the SAME way He walked, we will have LIFE! Help someone see the Liberty Yehovah has given to us today! BE A VOICE! Shalom!