I am a Voice from the Sea of Galilee. We need to submit to the Father, Yehovah, and walk in His ways. We have been sold some cheap lies that say we don’t have to walk according to Torah, or His instruction, anymore. This is the main doctrine of the christian church today. The truth is in the Scriptures, which the church seems to disregard. Take a look with us as we dive into to truth and wrestle with all the lies we have been told! Shalom!

Mitch Houston

Author: Mitch Houston

A dad, husband, and priest to Yehovah. Love serving in the Kingdom, and can't wait to be united as ONE with Him in the land that he promised!

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  1. Thank you for this video! Beautiful sentiment throughout and many sobering and thought-provoking ideas presented. It is great to see your love for YHWH and for his Hebrew language. I am learning Hebrew also in the hopes of understanding more directly what his word has to say, so I don’t need it translated to me by anyone else but can read it for myself. Also, lovely shots of the Sea of Galilee. How fortunate you are to have been allowed to visit Israel. Shalom to you and may you and yours receive YHWH’s blessings as you walk in obedience to his word. Again, thanks for sharing!!

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