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Outcry Ministries | What’s The Big Deal About Christmas? – Learn Torah

If you are an American or were raised within a western culture, you are probably familiar with the emphasis placed on Christmas. It is such a cultural event that many employers either close or operate on a reduced staff. People leave their homes and travel to visit family and friends. Some attend church. Some sing songs. Some have Christmas Trees with tinsel, ornaments and presents. And some expect Santa Clause to bring them presents. In this article, I explore the following questions from a Torah perspective: Is Christmas found in the bible? What are the origins of Christmas? Does The Most High, The Creator, care if we gather and feast on December 25? And, what if any, are the consequences of observing and gathering for Christmas?

Having been raised an American Catholic, I didn’t think t...

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Learn Torah | Read On – Outcry Ministries

I’ve become a man obsessed.  I cannot read a single bible verse anymore.  Every time I see a verse on some “verse of the day” or bumper sticker or one of those gas-station signs outside a big church (you know the ones, they have to use a backward 2 to make an ‘S’ because they didn’t have enough?)  I am suspicious.  I have to go read the whole chapter. I’ve stopped starting in the middle of a chapter.  I’ve stopped referencing CONCEPTS within the bible by their verse, only by the chapter.  You see, we’ve been duped. But it’s our fault.  We’re SO hurried, but lazy, that we would much rather pull a quippy inspirational quote than to understand the context in which it was written.  We can prove almost anything by taking it out of context.  

We’ve just gotten thr...

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Outcry Ministries | Where Is Your Gaze – Torah Ministry

Where is your gaze? Are you wanting to learn Torah, but seem to be hitting a wall? Maybe you have joined a Hebrew Roots assembly, or a Messianic Synagogue. Maybe you have even converted to Judaism because you have been told that it is Jewish Law. I’m here to tell you that no matter where you are, if you will fix your gaze on the Creator of the Universe, He will fix His gaze on you! There are many Torah Ministries out there, and while no one Torah ministry is exactly alike, they are all very similar. We, however want to share the Truth with you. You have to die to yourself. You CANNOT bring your past with you. If you have anything left to give to the King of Babylon, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Israel. Upon whom are you fixing your gaze?

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