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In The Night – Track 2 on Goodbye Babylon

This song was also written while I was on staff at the church in Bethany. It’s pretty self explanatory. It speaks of a man who wasn’t willing to leave the life he knew. He thought he lived a good life and that was good enough. I have realized that the meaning of this song is so much deeper than I ever thought! I was then, writing about salvation as I understood it. Now, having a much clearer view of His salvation still to come, I realize that we must leave our lives, and walk in His ways today!


Its been awhile and you’re left waiting
for you tomorrow never comes
you had your chance but you said maybe
a better day will come along

At His feet you lay pleading
Lord just give me one more chance
You say you lived a life with meaning
There’s so much more to life than that

Well he ...

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Fake – Track 1 on Goodbye Babylon

This song was written when I was on staff at a Christian Church in Bethany, OK. I would sing songs from the stage and the people out in the “audience” would just stand or sit with no emotion on their faces! I use to think to myself, “Why are they here?” I mean why would someone come to a place that, apparently by their actions, they would rather not be? This song is birthed out of a frustration of the lack of passion the church seemingly had for Yehovah. Mind you, at this time I did not know His truth, but He was leading me out of the system, and this song played a role in that move!


It’s a non-responsive generation
Playing Grace with a lack of faith
And taking part in what we do not know

Standing up with our faces shaken
as far away from the truth as faking
changing with t...

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