Morning Show 11-26-15

“No man can serve two masters.” So, who are we going to serve? Will our allegiance lie with Yehovah or money? These are the questions that we talked about on todays show.¬†Yehovah’s Sabbaths are designed to teach us to submit and follow His Word. They are designed to heal us and teach us how to live in peace in this crazy, money hungry world. We are each given a choice, a test, will we let go of our control and excuses and trust Him fully in His day of rest? Or, will we find ourselves trying to serve two masters….”He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside the quiet waters.” May you wholeheartedly trust the Good Shepherd’s voice. Shalom

Sighted Moon 11-25-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed Chanukah and Christmas. We talked about how they are FALSE Holidays, and how they are a sign of who you worship. How you worship, shows who you worship. It is important to understand the Torah, and what it has to say about worshiping Yehovah, in the same way that the nations worship their mighty ones… Tis’ the season! Enjoy.

Sighted Moon 11-24-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed the bombing of a Russian fighter jet today, and how it plays into the Daniel 8 prophecy of the ram and the goat. We then discussed how the Christian nations are going to play a big role in the judgement that is coming to Israel. We also talked about the presentation of a bill n the Philippines that would institute the Feasts of Yehovah as National Holidays! There is a lot going on out there, and prophecy is unraveling right before our eyes!

Morning Show 11-19-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed the root of the desire to observe man-made festivals. We exposed faulty logic behind celebrating Chanukah. We talked about how important it is to leave the old self COMPLETELY behind and move on to the new one. Using our old understanding to justify our actions if a trap. We also discussed the 2 camps of people, one who runs toward the boundary asking “How far is too far?”, and the other running to the KING! Which camp are you?? Enjoy!

Sighted Moon 11-18-15

What do a goat, George Washington and Islam have in common? In tonights show we discuss the correlation between the curses of Leviticus 26, the prophecy of Daniel 8 and this weeks news headlines. We talk about the consequences for disobeying Yehovah’s instructions and how the stories we are seeing in the nightly news are directly related to our denying His instructions.

Sighted Moon 11-17-15

“The ram is butting”. In tonights show we discuss some prophetic verses in Daniel and Isaiah that seem to be referring to what is happening on our nightly news. We also talk about how there very well be a correlation between Joseph’s dream and what is getting ready to happen in our world before 2020. May you be one who submits to and seeks Yehovah’s Word before it is too late. Shalom.

Morning Show 11-15-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed, in detail, what Yeshua was ACTUALLY doing at the temple in John 10. Most use John 10:22 to justify the celebration of the PAGAN feast Hanukkah. Sadly, this is a HORRIBLE error, and in this show, we show you why! Thanks to Joseph Dumond for his great research and teaching on this matter! We also had a guest on the show! Douglas Erickson will be starting a live show on the NEW OCMR! His show will be titled Crossing Over. You will want to be sure to check his show out, and be sure to tune in and hear what Yehovah is showing him and EVERYONE who HEARS HIS VOICE! Shalom.

Morning Show 11-12-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed the desire of our hearts to please OURSELVES! We exposed the roots of the manmade holidays, and talked about how important it is to leave those things in the dust! Sadly many who claim to follow truth, are celebrating Hanukah and that Holiday is NO DIFFERENT than Christmas, Easter, Purim, Halloween, or any other man made “holiday”. It’s time to wake up and leave OUR hearts so we can have HIS heart!

Morning Show 11-8-15

Shalom! This show was all over the place! We started with christmas, then moved to chanukah. We were exposing the desire of mankind to please themselves, and how the fruit of these holidays is just that, SELF PLEASURE! We then segued into the topic for the day which was the New Covenant! You won’t want to miss this show, as we talk about the TRUTH of what the New Covenant actually is! Enjoy!

Morning Show 11-5-15

Are you fighting AGAINST what Yehovah is bringing your way?? His word says that He works ALL things for the good of those who LOVE HIM! If you are obedient children, you will accept the discipline from our Father and not fight it! We talked about everything from childbirth to King Josiah today! All to prove that humans are SELFISHLY fighting against Yehovah’s discipline, which He is using to show us HOW TO OBEY! Enjoy!