Sighted Moon 11-25-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed Chanukah and Christmas. We talked about how they are FALSE Holidays, and how they are a sign of who you worship. How you worship, shows who you worship. It is important to understand the Torah, and what it has to say about worshiping Yehovah, in the same way that the nations worship their mighty ones… Tis’ the season! Enjoy.

Sighted Moon 11-24-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed the bombing of a Russian fighter jet today, and how it plays into the Daniel 8 prophecy of the ram and the goat. We then discussed how the Christian nations are going to play a big role in the judgement that is coming to Israel. We also talked about the presentation of a bill n the Philippines that would institute the Feasts of Yehovah as National Holidays! There is a lot going on out there, and prophecy is unraveling right before our eyes!

Sighted Moon 11-18-15

What do a goat, George Washington and Islam have in common? In tonights show we discuss the correlation between the curses of Leviticus 26, the prophecy of Daniel 8 and this weeks news headlines. We talk about the consequences for disobeying Yehovah’s instructions and how the stories we are seeing in the nightly news are directly related to our denying His instructions.

Sighted Moon 11-17-15

“The ram is butting”. In tonights show we discuss some prophetic verses in Daniel and Isaiah that seem to be referring to what is happening on our nightly news. We also talk about how there very well be a correlation between Joseph’s dream and what is getting ready to happen in our world before 2020. May you be one who submits to and seeks Yehovah’s Word before it is too late. Shalom.

Sighted Moon 10-28-15

Do you have doubts about keeping the Sabbatical year? Are you confused as to why you should keep the shmita even though you are not physically “in the land”? In tonight’s show, Joseph answers several questions to help explain the “why’s” and “how’s” of the Sabbatical years. This is the time to seek understanding as we have but four months left to prepare for the next Sabbatical year! Shalom!

Sighted Moon 10-27-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed the common question, “What can I do on the Sabbath day?” So many people are confused on this, so we broke it down for everyone tonight! Hopefully you find yourself at the feet of the Messiah, vs. too busy trying to figure out what you want to do. This was a great discussion, and we hope that it encourages you to seek His word, for ALL answers! Enjoy!

Morning Show 10-22-15

Shalom! In this show we expose the falsehood that is the institution of Christianity! We talked about some personal experiences that have shown us the TRUE fruit of WOLVES, and how important it is to see these lies and LEAVE THAT CAMP! We talked about how the ACCUSER accuses us of that which he is most guilty! Don’t believe the lies or the hype, but test EVERYTHING with the Scriptures and let Yehovah lead you in HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS! Enjoy this show!

Sighted Moon 10-21-15

Preparation day, year…and millennium? Tonight we talked about the similarities and purpose between the weekly preparation day, year and millennium. Yehovah wants us to prepare for His Sabbaths and He said that He is preparing for our time of rest as well. May we all rest in His instructions and not be found at the wedding without our wedding clothes!

Sighted Moon 10-20-15

Are you preparing? Tonight we talked about the day of preparation, or, the 6th day of the week. Preparation day is a day to gather in twice as much food (etc.) as a normal day so we can be ready for a restful Shabbat. The “preparation day” has prophetic meaning as well in regards to the 6th millennium. May you and your family prepare according to His Word and you will be safe in His rest! Shalom!

Sighted Moon 10-14-15

Shalom! It’s good to have Joseph and Greg back from the Philippines! We discussed the amazing things that Yehovah is doing there, and we can’t wait to see what happens next! This was truly and inspiring show! Enjoy!