Sighted Moon 11-18-15

What do a goat, George Washington and Islam have in common? In tonights show we discuss the correlation between the curses of Leviticus 26, the prophecy of Daniel 8 and this weeks news headlines. We talk about the consequences for disobeying Yehovah’s instructions and how the stories we are seeing in the nightly news are directly related to our denying His instructions.

Morning Show 10-8-15

“Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” David had the right definition of comfort. He realized that Yehovah disciplined those He loved. In this show we discussed the Father’s heart behind the curses that come upon us for disobedience. Instead of trying to get out of the punishment, we should pray that we would receive His discipline as love and use it to spurn us towards repentant obedience.

Sighted Moon 8-4-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed the Blood Moons, and the misconceptions about them. We exposed some false teaching on the calendar and how important it is to understand the right one. We talked about how we need to heed the warnings and how these weather patterns are NOT caused by the Illuminati, but are curses from Yehovah. The second half, we discussed the Philippines and how they keep getting hit by huge storms. Joseph and our producer Greg will be traveling there in a little over a month and need your prayers. Enjoy the show!

Sighted Moon 7-21-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed some HEAVY THINGS! Torah is not all about blessings. We showed you how when we obey ALL of Torah, we will live, but if we listen to the MAJORITY of Torah ministries out there, and disobey the Sabbatical year instruction, we will die. The first half of this show is very intense, but VERY important information. We offered a free eBook to the 1st caller, but no one called. So, if you want that book, tune in tomorrow night and call in when we announce it! Thanks for listening and Shalom!

Sighted Moon 6-23-15

Shalom! In this show we returned to discussing how IMPORTANT it is to observe and obey ALL that Yehovah has commanded. The MAJORITY tells you that the Sabbatical years are only for in the land of Israel. Sadly, the MAJORITY is usually WRONG! You must test all things, and study to show yourselves approved. Don’t settle for the majority’s lies, and follow after Yehovah with your WHOLE Heart! Enjoy this HEAVY show!

Outcry Radio Show 6-2-15

Shalom! In this show, we discussed the fullness of Torah! So many teachers claim to teach Torah, but they leave out the curses! Torah is LIFE if we so choose to OBEY, but it is also DEATH if we choose not to obey all that is written! Krista read the majority of Deuteronomy 28, outlining the curses that are coming because of disobedience. This was one intense show! Shalom!

Sighted Moon Archive 5-27-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed how the Torah is not only life, but it is death as well. It is life when we obey, but it is death when we don’t! We discussed how important it is to obey Yehovah’s instructions! We also were giving away 5 free 2300 Days of Hell ebooks. If you are listening to this show archive, you cannot call in! The giveaways are only during our live shows! Feel free to tune in on Wednesday nights at 7PM PDT to hear us live.

Outcry Radio Show Archive 5-19-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed the importance of counting the Omer and how it brings so much meaning to the Covenant between Yehovah and us! Joseph Dumond shared about how the Counting of the Omer ties into the Hebrew wedding covenant, and how we are married to Yehovah. We also had the pleasure of speaking with Scott from Rooted In Torah, an online Forum for the brethren to discuss the Torah! This was truly a great show! Enjoy!

Sighted Moon Archive 5-6-15

Shalom! In this show, we discussed how important it is to obey the commands of Yehovah! During this show, Moore OK was getting hit with major storms and Joseph Dumond asked the question “Why?”. We discussed the curses for disobedience, and sadly disobedience includes observing the feasts at the wrong time. May you be blessed as you test this show with the scriptures to prove truth. Shalom!

Show Archive 2-3-15

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Shalom! In this show we talked about the curses that are coming on those who do not repent and follow the ways of Yehovah. We discussed current events as well as historical events that prove that the curses of Torah are still in effect if we so choose to disobey. May you heed the warning in this discussion and follow Yehovah with all that you are! Shalom.