Sighted Moon 11-24-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed the bombing of a Russian fighter jet today, and how it plays into the Daniel 8 prophecy of the ram and the goat. We then discussed how the Christian nations are going to play a big role in the judgement that is coming to Israel. We also talked about the presentation of a bill n the Philippines that would institute the Feasts of Yehovah as National Holidays! There is a lot going on out there, and prophecy is unraveling right before our eyes!

Sighted Moon 11-18-15

What do a goat, George Washington and Islam have in common? In tonights show we discuss the correlation between the curses of Leviticus 26, the prophecy of Daniel 8 and this weeks news headlines. We talk about the consequences for disobeying Yehovah’s instructions and how the stories we are seeing in the nightly news are directly related to our denying His instructions.