What is His name? – A Follow Up

I decided to make a follow up post helping explain a little bit more, the previous entry I made. What is His name? It has become very obvious to me that this a “hot topic” in the religious world! My last post stated that we should be proclaiming His name, which is יהוה.

Nowhere did I state that we couldn’t refer to Him as Adonai. The problem with Adonai, is not the title, but the use of it. The rabbis taught the people long ago to read יהוה as אדוני, thus helping the enemy remove His name from our lips. This is not a bash on the rabbis. They were trying to save their tails in a time of horrible persecution. I cannot judge them. What I can do, is assess the situation with the text. The text has His name written out, יהוה, over 6800 times. Does Adonai appear in the text? Absolutely it does! Again, the problem is not “Adonai”, but the use of it.

As I explained in the previous post, calling him master, or lord, is not setting Him apart. If we are in a room full of men, and I holler out, “Thanks guy!”, who am I referring to? Eliyahu said, ” If Baal is Elohim, worship him! If יהוה is Elohim, worship Him.” You see, in a mixed multitude of religious beliefs, saying “praise the lord” applies to everyone. But when I proclaim His name, יהוה, it sets Him apart from all other mighty ones. With little research on the word Lord, one could say that’s what they were calling out when they said, “oh Baal, oh Baal, answer us!”

The name Adonai is used to try and make יהוה relative to all religions today. The religious giants in the day of the rabbis, didn’t want to hear the name יהוה spoken. The religious giants of today are accomplishing the same thing.

The Christian god, is not the same mighty one as יהוה. That’s hard to swallow for some, and quite apparent to others. The ones who understand this truth, look and act quite different, and are set apart from Christianity. Ironically, people who claim to have “crossed over”, try and bring their idolatry with them, into their new lives. Sadly they are still in the same boat they were in, before they had revelation of the other side. When we die to ourselves and become new, we have to leave our ideas, our beliefs, our titles, EVERYTHING behind. If we still have some of the beliefs from our past, we survived the “crucifixion with messiah” and are actually still living in our old form.

I call my wife all sorts of titles when I’m alone with her, in the privacy of our own home, but when I need to get her attention in a group a various people, I use her name. People! We are in a large group of religious nonsense! We MUST begin using His name and set Him apart from all other mighty ones. If not, you might be calling upon Baal and not even know it!


Sighted Moon 6-3-15

Shalom! In this show we discussed how the spirit of Balaam is alive and well amongst believers today! You are definitely going to want to hear this show! We talk about Baal Peor worship and how it is rampant today all across the world. Be sure to check out our blog about Balaam as well! Shalom

The Name Yehovah

“Therefore behold, I am going to make them know—This time I will make them know My power and My might; and they shall know that My name is the LORD.” Jeremiah 16:21

Did you know that “the LORD” is not the name of the Creator?? In the Hebrew scriptures his name is mentioned 6827 times. Do you know how many times it is mentioned in our English Bibles?? Well, in most English translations it is NOT mentioned! His name has been replaced with the title “LORD”. So what is HIS name?? Well, spelled out in Hebrew, it would look something like this!


There is a lot of conflict in this world among religious leaders of the day, regarding HIS name! Some say Yahweh. Some say Jehovah. Some say Yah. Some say Yahuwah. Who is Right?? Well, earlier we stated that HIS name was written 6827 times in the Hebrew Scriptures. The majority of those times, it is written with only 2 vowels, which renders HIS name “unreadable” (We will be posting a blog with detailed information as to why they did this). But in the oldest, most complete Hebrew Manuscript, the “Aleppo Codex”, 50 of the 6827 times HIS name is written, it has 3 vowels (one of these instances is on the Deuteronomy 29_19 to 30_11 page)!! The vowel that is most commonly left out is the “Cholem”, which is the “dot” above the name. It gives the character attached to it an “O” sound! This is great news! The characters without vowels make these sounds; Y H V H. With the vowels inserted it would read, YEHOVAH.

We know, we know, there were no vowels in ancient semitic languages! There are those out there that claim that in “Ancient Hebrew” there were no vowels, and then proceed to explain how the name should be pronounced. The problem with this view is the simple fact that we have ZERO evidence in how to pronounce ancient hebrew words. The stance that we choose to take, is to use the OLDEST most COMPLETE Hebrew manuscripts to date, to find out how the name was pronounced. We understand that one cannot truly, with 100% confidence, claim that the name is pronounced any certain way. But, according to the oldest evidence we have, it was pronounced YEHOVAH.


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Thanks for reading and SHALOM!