"The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear Elohim and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person."

Bringing the TRUTH one video at a time.

Here at OCMR Live, we are dedicated to bringing you the TRUTH without all of the western religious garbage. We LOVE the Torah, and the Hebrew Scriptures as a whole, and are doing our best to help educate all ages within the hebraic mindset. We are not a christian, messianic, hebrew roots organization, nor do we endorse any of those ministries. We LOVE יהוה and His Torah, and want to help you grow in that LOVE as well. Shalom.

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Educate with Torah

Here at Outcry Ministries, we are currently in the creation phase of one of our most exciting ventures EVER! We are working on a project called Covenant Guardians, which will be a fully equipped homeschool curriculum that you can use when educating your children.

Media for the kids

Be sure to head over to our Kiddos page and check out the great video, audio, music and more that we offer here at Outcry Ministries! Torah4Kiddos is sure to keep your children engaged and excited about learning the simple Torah of Yehovah!

Our Blog

If you are interested in reading about our lives, go ahead and jump over to our blog at OutcryMinistries.com. There you will find everything from super serious doctrinal writings to fun and cheery stories of our family vacations!


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