שירי שלום (shiri shalom) is the musical group comprised of Mitch and Krista Houston. They are dedicated to the ways of יהוה (Yehovah) and their music follows suit! They write of their journey to Him and of the blessing that comes from obedience to His תורה (torah). Their latest record, Goodbye Babylon, is a 10 year journey captured in the studio. It tells of their journey from Christianity, and man made religion, into His TRUTH! The early songs on the record were written while they were in the middle of the christian doctrine and practice, and the songs tell the story, as the album progresses, of their journey out. All in all, Mitch and Krista want to bless יהוה with the gifts that He has given them and they have set out to do just that with שירי שלום! Listen to their tracks, be blessed, and walk in HIS WAYS! All other ways are sinking sand! Shalom!

A Little Background

Mitch and Krista met in Greenville, IL, in 2002. They soon started “leading worship” in a local church near the college they attended. Mitch had been playing music most of his life, and decided to pursue a college degree for it. Krista, much the same, had been involved in music much of her life as well. This was the beginning of their musical career together. They left college after that year, and moved to Oklahoma City. Shortly after the move, Mitch was accepted to the Conservatory for Recording Arts and Sciences, in Tempe, AZ. They both moved to Phoenix while Mitch attended school, and Krista worked at a Childrens Nuero-developemental center. They never stopped playing christian music through these times. After the year of schooling was complete, they got married, moved back to Oklahoma City, and took a church staff position as “Worship Leaders”.

The frustration from emptiness of doctrine, and denominations, quickly led to their resignation. This is when they started traveling professionally as worship leaders. They then started an 8 year journey of traveling across the country, playing all different church events, traditional and “charismatic” alike! It was this exposure to the Christian church as whole, which led them to start questioning the ways of the church in general. Although it wasn’t until many years later that they completely left the ways of man behind, they began to slowly hear the voice of יהוה during this period. They have always had a passion to lift up His name, and realized that in the church, it wasn’t Him who was lifted high, but them! They realized, that although people were sincere, they were sincerely wrong, and that included their own beliefs! Long story short, it was their heavy involvement in the lies of christianity, that eventually led them to the understanding that the church was not built upon the Word of יהוה, but built upon what Constantine set up in the 3rd century. They are so blessed to be able to say that they are not a part of pagan ways anymore! They have devoted their lives to יהוה and His ways and would love for anyone who has not yet “crossed over”, to join them in this journey! True shalom comes from walking in His ways and their lives are a living testimony to that truth!

In short, Mitch and Krista gave up their friends, their business, their income, and much more to follow after יהוה, and they couldn’t be happier! His ways are blessed!