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I don’t know about you, but we used to be very afraid….afraid of the government, afraid of the water supply, afraid of the end of the world, afraid of death…. We started to realize, however, that we can do nothing to “save ourselves”. In fact, even when we tried, we ended up doing the opposite. As we tried to store up supplies to save ourselves from the “end of the world”, we found out the fruit of our “prepping” left us lacking… We were lacking in resources, joy, and trust. We realized that focusing on our own “salvation” (i.e.selfishness) left us with rotten fruit…..If, “THE FEAR OF יהוה IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM.”,  then the fear of man, is truly the end of it.

Learn Torah Ministry for kidsIn a world so full of fear and focus on man, we decided to focus on something different. We wanted to have TRUE WISDOM. So, we decided to trust in the Word of יהוה and train our children up in the simple childlike faith of His love and protection for those who are under His wings. In essence, we have decided to let the Light of the Word expose and eradicate the roots of fear in our own lives and instead actively seek to sow the seed of יהוה which is trust and shalom both in our minds as well as our children’s. This is so important because in the end, what we sow, we will also reap. Do we want to reap fear, doubt and compromise? OR, do we want to be willing to die to ourselves and simply trust the word wholeheartedly? If we stop trying to “save our lives” , and instead “lose our lives for His sake”, we will begin down the road of TRUE LOVE, TRUE OBEDIENCE, TRUE LIFE and TRUE SHALOM. This is what we want our lives to be because as we walk down the narrow road, the road many other children of Israel have journeyed upon, we will be able to watch the GOOD SEED be planted into our children. The seed of יהוה will take root and grow into beautiful trees of righteousness that will produce much fruit and in turn sow His pure seed into the lives of future children of Israel.

Torah Videos for kidsWe started changing our mindset from self preservation and fear, to trusting that יהוה would do with us what He saw fit. We began to look for resources to help teach Torah to our children, but couldn’t find a whole lot. Most of what we did find was compromised with christianity. We also began to notice that we had the mindset, we need someone else to “do it for me”. We call it the “squeezy tube syndrome”. Many years ago, people used to exclusively make their own baby food, but these days you can purchase baby food in squeezy tubes so the kiddo can feed themselves when you’re in a hurry or on the go. Personally, we use and enjoy these products also:) But, there is a cultural mindset that looks very similar to the “squeezy tube” feedings. As parents, it can be very easy to think, I am so busy, just give me a product that I can feed my kid and get on with my to do list. BUT, this is NOT the way Torah says to train up our children.

Learn Torah For ChildrenDeuteronomy 6 says WE are to teach our children the Torah when we sit, when we walk, when we lie down, and when we rise up! In other words, teaching our kiddos Torah is to be THE FOCUS OF OUR LIVES, not an afterthought! It is something that we actively engage in, because TORAH IS A PART OF US JUST LIKE OUR KIDS. This doesn’t mean that we can’t get resources from others to help aid in the growth and teaching, but it means that WE AS PARENTS HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY AND DELIGHT to train them up! This involves more work on our part as parents. Its a mindset change to understand that WE are the ones who need to help provide spiritual food each day for our children instead of expecting someone else to spoon feed them for us. But in the long run, we will be so thankful that we took the time to pour the Word into our children. One thing we are learning is following Torah is NOT a quick fix, mystery spirit, emotional game, but a slow and steady building up of trust and peace. We wanted Torah 4 Kiddos to be a special site where EACH parent has an opportunity to share what they do in their home to teach Torah to their kiddos. This will give you the opportunity to be encouraged to stay committed to the task of day to day teaching as well as give others encouragement and ideas to help them teach their kiddos as well! After you register you will be able to fill out a simple profile for your family, then, whenever you have something you want to share, you will be able to post pictures and text, sharing Torah teaching ideas with other members.

At Torah 4 Kiddos, we want to encourage YOU, a parent of a beautiful child of the King, to STEP UP AND FIGHT for the KINGDOM of יהוה . When you walk in childlike trust and obedience to the WORD, the TORAH, YOU WALK IN THE AUTHORITY to bring SHALOM to your home. Together, let’s turn our eyes from worthless idols, selfishness and fear of death, and relinquish our control to יהוה . Instead of living in the cultural norm of “squeezy tube” feedings, where we solely depend on others to do the teaching for our kiddos, let’s join together to share ideas for Torah games, lessons, crafts and more! Click on the Register Link to get started!

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